20's Plenty for Faversham


Technical Report for the 20mph Town-wide zone

This technical report details the recommended treatments for traffic calming for Faversham's town-wide 20mph zone. It has been created by Phil Jones of Phil Jones Associates following a round table meeting with Kent County Council Highways officers (KCC) and several members of the 20's Plenty for Faversham working group (WG).


These recommendations have been agreed in principle with KCC.


The purpose of this report is not to set out a concrete scheme, but rather to suggest measures that could be introduced as part of the implementation of the 20mph zone or rolled out in a phased manner. We want community input to further shape these recommendations and are sharing them and inviting community feedback before the next stage of design is commissioned and the formal consultation begins.


Please contact us if you prefer to receive a paper copy or would like to us to present the report in person to you or your community group.












20 Zone intergrated Map CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD