20's Plenty for Faversham


About Us

20's Plenty for Faversham was officially launched as FACT on Jan 30th 2015. FACT stands for Faversham Action For Calmer Traffic. We evolved into 20's Plenty for Faversham, a branch of the national campaigning organisation because we could see that reducing speed is a vital first step in addressing Faversham's traffic related issues.


We presented the case for a 20mph limit in Faversham, first to the Town Council and then to Swale's Joint Transportation Board (JTB) gaining the support of both.  


In March 2016 the 20's Plenty for Faversham Working Group was set up by Mike Whiting, Chairman of the JTB at that time. We were asked to...


1) Examine how 20 mph could be implemented throughout all residential streets in Faversham

2) Prepare a report with recommendations to be discussed at the Swale Joint Transportation Board


On the 19th Dec 2016, we presented this report and Swale’s JTB members unanimously passed the motion to accept all 6 recommendations of the Working Group’s report. They also passed an amendment to achieve a 20mph limit in all residential streets in the borough of Swale.


You can read a report of the meeting here.


In May 2018, having completed our work for the JTB, we were adopted by Faversham Town Council. Current members of the working group are:

Cllr A Hook - Kent County Council & Faversham Town Council

Cllr M Henderson - Swale Borough Council

Cllr D Simmons - Swale Borough Council

Louise Bareham - Town Clerk

Amanda Russell - Chair

Tim Stonor

Ellie Jupp

Chris Oswald Jones

Alison Eardley

Gulliver Imminck


Meetings are held monthly and are open to the public. Details of meetings, minutes and agenda can be viewed here.  




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